dimanche 26 septembre 2010

Défi Allaitement 2010 / 2010 Breatfeeding Challenge

J'y serai avec Cocotte!

Et Colibi Créations participera aussi en tant que donateur pour les prix de présence!


I'll be there with my youngest one.  And Colibi Creations will donate a few items for the drawings.

See You there

jeudi 2 septembre 2010

Nouveau tirage / Next giveaway

With the Etsyclothdiapers team:

I am offering a zippered wet bag. Wet bags are not limited to babies in diapers you know... With everybody going back to school, teens will need a waterproof bag for their stinky clothes and towel after gym class. It can even protect your little one’s art project from rain this falls. Waterproof bags are great for anything that is messy or could leak.

The wet bag I am offering measures apprx 12*14 inches, with a zip closure. Cotton Woven PUL with chicks on blue background. Inner seams have been sealed for no wicking.

Value : 16$
On  sept 15.

More deatils on ETSY CLOTH DIAPER TEAM blog and FB page.