samedi 9 novembre 2013

First birthday party

My 6yo son had been invited to a birthday party, the first one where he would go without us.  His friend M likes dinosaurs, and I felt that the book we chose was not enough.  And I had been hoarding this dino fabric from Micheal Miller for  a long while ( like 2 years already...).  And M's mom had told me he needed a new pajama.  I've had the project all ready in my head for a while, and even had cut all my fabric one week prior the party.    I still finished it at 10:30 PM last night.

Modified CSS.

 Here is is!

Pattern is a modified version of the Comfy Sleep Set from Fishsticks Designs.  Modified as is : I made it bigger as the patter only goes to size 5 and I needed a size 6.

I LOVE this pattern.  So quick and easy to sew.  I wish it was available in bigger kids sizes.

From what I understand, the Birthday boy loved his new PJ. Yay!  And his mom too.  Double Yay!

Now my kids want one too.  Alas, I don't have enough of this soft interlock left to make more :(

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