samedi 28 juin 2014

Spring sewing

Once again, some of my latest projects

And for once, my little model DID cooperate for the shots, even if the weather was still a bit cool for going outside without a coat in April this year...

 This second set of shot was taken at the same place, one week later, from a lot of snow left, to nothing at all left.   Both time she is wearing a Julia Sweater from Compagnie-M

 My son was invited to birthday party of a little girl in in class.  Being out of town all week, he told me when I came back the Friday evening.  What will a sewing mom do in that case ?  Find her favorite patterns in her stash, and some girly fabrics.  Pattern was the Patrick curved raglan, from Fishstick designs .

It was the first time I made the more feminine version of the pattern. 

There was a very happy little girl at this birthday party...

Then came the Zombie Dress...

Why, because I used a Zombie tag, that's all.

Sunshine Dress pattern, but without the sleeves.  I even managed to match the stripes!

 End of school year gift for my son's kindergarden teacher.  He picked out the fabrics, and his choices really represent my son who is always lost in space...
And it is reversible !

I can't rememebr the name of the pattern... :(  But it was a freebie, and it has reversible tote in its name.

And at last!

Some of the latest scrubs caps I made.  My pattern.  Should be released by the end of the summer. 

I finally found some dummy heads :)

So next serie of pics wont be with a bowl or a teddy bear, or a cabbage, or a hippo.

I loved the hippo pics, but the light was so bad...

That concludes for today.  I have a few more pics comin in the next few weeks.

And I still sew diapers and trainers, pics are on the Facebook page, and on my Etsy store, or ALM.